Vcorp Services Saves Newly Formed Limited Liability Companies Time and Money with Launch of Advanced Publishing Services – JUNE 29, 2010 – PRESS RELEASE

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Los Angeles, CA – June 29, 2010 – Vcorp Services LLC, a leader in specialized state corporate filing services for small businesses, announced today their professional mission to help and encourage newly formed limited liability companies (LLCs) to remain in compliance with state law using Vcorps extensive LLC publishing services.

The LLC formation process is labor intensive and specific, requiring multiple steps to ensure the LLC is formed properly. For example, LLCs are required to publish ads in newspapers designated by their state government announcing their formation. In addition, specific filing information must be included in the ad and published within a set number of days for a designated period of time. Upon publication, the state must receive affidavits of the publication along with a “Certificate of Publication”. Vcorp Services is able to take care of all necessary steps involved in the publishing of an LLC, allowing entrepreneurs to concentrate their efforts on their businesses.

“Many new LLC owners don’t realize all the steps involved in getting their business in compliance,” said Isaac Muller, CEO of Vcorp Services. “We want to make sure that these entrepreneurs succeed, especially when so many new businesses are forming and new ideas are being generated. That’s why for last minute filings, Vcorp can expedite the process for a nominal fee.”

Regulations can vary from state to state, making the process even more complicated. Vcorp therefore offers publication in the following states, as required for the following entities:

  • New York: LLCs, Limited Partnerships (LPs), Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
  • Georgia: Corporations
  • Pennsylvania: Corporations
  • Arizona: All entities
  • Nebraska: All entities

If a new LLC owner fails to comply with their state’s regulations, their LLC could be suspended. When an LLC is suspended, the business owner loses the authority to do business in that state, enter into a lawsuit as an entity, or receive a certificate of good standing.

“With Vcorp Services, our clients benefit from regulation alerts, email notices of upcoming deadlines and the customer service needed to facilitate all corporate filings throughout the life of their company,” said Muller. “New business owners have more important things to worry about, and don’t need to be bothered by keeping tabs on their LLC publication.”

Vcorp Services also offers LLC, partnership, professional practice and other business formations, among various corporate compliance filings.

The amount of work and responsibility that an entrepreneur endures day to day is no small task. With the help of the Vcorp Publishing Services, business owners are now able to stay focused on what’s most important: building their business.

About Vcorp Services LLC

Vcorp Services assists in the creation of new businesses and helps maintain existing businesses in
all 50 states. Quick, accurate and at the lowest rates, Vcorp’s knowledgeable and experienced staff
has helped form thousands of new businesses including: LLCs, S-Corporations, C-Corporations,
Partnerships, Non-Profits and Professional Corporations. Vcorp works with entrepreneurs, legal and
tax professionals, as well as real estate experts to set up and maintain businesses across the
country. Vcorp also specializes in helping small businesses to get started, grow and remain in
compliance with federal and state regulations.

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