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January 2012:
A fantastic month!

Camera Givaway WINNER!

California and Ohio Incorporation News

Beware of Internet Schemes

State Closings for February

Lincoln's Birthday (February 13):
The following states are CLOSED:

President's Day (February 20):
The following 12 states are OPEN:
New Mexico
North Carolina
Rhode Island
Mardi Gras Day (February 21):
Alabama (Baldwin & Mobile
counties only)

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What can Vcorp do for you?

Business formations, dissolutions
Changes to business structure
Retrieval of certificates of good standing
Overnight corporate kits
UCC filings and lien searches
Open Mortgage Search
Current Deed Search
Registered agent service in all 50 states for only $99
501c3 tax-exempt filings
Delaware statutory trustee and independent director services
Trademark registrations

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VCorp is Mobile!

Incorporating your own business is just a tap away with Vcorp!
Start your corporation or LLC in a matter of hours, with our super fast document filing services available right at your fingertips with our app for the iPad and iPhone, available at the Apple iTunes store for free download!

Why Vcorp?

Vcorp is your trusted source for the full range of corporate services. We do the searching, preparation and filing. You receive high-quality documents and services.

Flexible Billing Options

Vcorp offers net 30-day billing, and accepts payment in the form of credit card, check or money order. We even provide the option of direct-client billing upon request.

Dedicated Client Service Representative

Vcorp assigns a dedicated client service representative to each account. That means that you receive individualized attention from the same person, every time.

Simplified online ordering process

At, you can place an order for any of our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Happy New Winter 2012!

One month in the new year is already gone, and we're excited to say it was our busiest and best ever! Many projects, initiatives and client programs came to fruition to produce a truly exhilarating month! Our efforts to get the word out on Vcorp worked even better and faster than we could have ever imagined. Our innovative and ever evolving approach to corporate product delivery, combined with our "sleeves rolled up" approach to customer service has effectively kept us positioned at the top of our field. Try us out and you'll see: Vcorp delivers with the right price at the right time!

All our best,
Isaac Muller, CEO
Vcorp Services, LLC

Vcorp Services is proud to announce its Camera Givaway Winner!
The lucky winner of Vcorp's Winter Camera Givaway is David Sass!

David is a Senior Partner at one of New York's oldest and most prestigious law firms, McLaughlin & Stern LLP. He’s been practicing law in NYC for almost 50 years and is a most valued Vcorp customer.



California's New Corporation Entity Types

Did you know that California has just created two two new subtypes of stock corporations? They're called "flexible purpose corporation" and "benefit corporation."
To form a benefit or flexible purpose corporation, Vcorp can help you draft what is currently a free-form Articles of Incorporation that includes the unique purpose for the specific entity type:
• Flexible Purpose Corporation (CA Corporations Code sections 2500-3503)
• Benefit Corporation (CA Corporations Code sections 14600-14631)

California Secretary of State Announcement

NEW Ohio Corporate Forms

Ohio is updating all of their forms. They will continue to accept old forms through the end of this year (and none of the fees have changed), but all too soon the forms will be out-of-date. File with Vcorp and ensure you're using the most up to date compliant forms!

International Internet Scheme defrauds MS Company

The Secretary of State’s Office has been alerted to an internet scheme that bilked a Mississippi attorney out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The Mississippi attorney received an email from someone purporting to be Robert Larsen of Larsen Fabrics located in the United Kingdom. “Mr. Larsen” claimed a Mississippi company owed money on a contract and was willing to settle. “Mr. Larsen” employed the Mississippi attorney to collect the debt.
The attorney was then informed the Mississippi company was prepared to settle.
A fraudulent settlement check was sent to the attorney, allegedly from the Mississippi company. The attorney deposited the check and wired funds to a Japanese account before the fraud was discovered. The Mississippi company had no knowledge of the scheme until contacted by investigators.
Business identify theft is a growing problem in the United States. The Secretary of State’s Office encourages all businesses to regularly review its business filings on our website at to ensure no pertinent business information has been changed without authorization. Report any suspicious activity in a business filing to the Business Services Division of the Secretary of State’s Office at 601-359-1633.

Vcorp Registered Agent Services

When it comes to filling in as your state required agent representative in any of the 50 states, Vcorp prides itself on being the absolute least expensive in the industry. Show and compare, you find our standard annual fee package not only will provide you all of the exact same services as anyone else, but at a fraction of the price. We are able to do so by utilizing technology to streamline all of the standard registered agent services (annual report due date notifications, mail forwarding, and changes in compliance requirements) so we may handle large volume of units while keeping our costs at a bare minimum. Long story short: in very nearly every state you must have an agent - let it be Vcorp and save!

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Stern discussing how to “Get Your Business Noticed at a Conference”.


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